Monday, 31 December 2012

2013, are you going to dissapoint me?

2013 u're going to be here in no time... Do u promise to leave heartache behind?

2013 What do u have in store? Days to look forward to or ones we pretend to ignore?

2013 your sister has left a bit of a scar, to remind me that some friends are worth nothing but a slammed door.

2013 your sister may have been a bit unkind, but you know what, it opened my eyes and removed the blinds.

2013 is it humanely possible to love and be eternally grateful for my family even more?

2013, 2012 showed me truth, love, heartache, joy and pain, but I do not mind going through any of it again.

2013 what will ur obituary contain? Hopefully nothing 2014 will not fear to maintain.

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