Monday, 31 December 2012

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My dear Egyptian friends and my friends who have Egyptian roots, or consider Egypt to be their home, my condolences on the recent football events.

If anything, it makes my heart weep to see how cheap a human life is and how politics is a filthy game that uses OUR lives as part of it's agenda...

ان لله و ان اليه راجعون
الله يرحمهم و يجعل مثواهم الجنة

Those people who were brutally killed, didn't die cheering for Port Said or Al Ahly as they want people to believe...their death will tell a story of how they died to make Egypt a better place for generations to come... Inshalla their blood, and all our Martyr's blood, be it in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria or Yemen, never goes to waste, and the reason why their life was taken away or given away voluntarily, will always be a reminder of what they paid for us to be here, breathing and alive.

My condolences,

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