Thursday, 9 May 2013

Libyans: the experts on EVERYTHING!

Why does everyone talk about the Isolation Law as though 99% of the Libyan population are political experts?

Last time I checked the only glimpse of politics that was dictated to us was in the form of Wa3i Siyasi aka The Green Book aka Politics thru the Eyes of Gaddafi.

Fa ya tara ya fat7al inta o hiya, min ween il political analysis skills hadi kulha jit?

I understand that we have a lot of educated, well-read individuals who can be considered a minority in Libya. But that also does not mean that said individuals have any expertise in politics nor is it the right time to dabble in it and explore ur hidden talents or practice ur hobbies.

So to sum my humble opinion up very simply, i'll share one of my favourite quotes:
"اعطي خبرك للخباز لو أكل نصه".

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