Sunday, 12 May 2013

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Why share all the graphic images of Gaza's casualties?

Do we need to see a picture of an injured baby boy sitting next to his mom's body that he's waiting to wake up to feel their misery?

Or do we need to see a picture of blood and the shattered pieces of what was once a body to cry and sympathize with the daily massacre Gaza is going through?

Do we need to see this kind of proof of murder in order to invoke a reaction in us?

Has it come to this? We have to see images of dead mutilated bodies captioned with heart breaking comments so we feel sorry for them and blackmail our emotions to get off our behinds and supposedly do something? Not because it is the right thing to do but because we are guilt ridden?

Gaza does not need our fake sympathy, Gaza does not need us to share their bloody pictures of their struggle.

Nothing will stop Israel if the big guns do not intervene. Nothing except Allah SWT.

If our sympathy can get countries liberated, Syria would've been raising its independence flag by now.

Let it out, write articles, share photos, raise money, go on demonstrations, but don't fool yourself and think those actions will ever make the decision makers budge until they decide to do so.

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